Past History

With the event happening around Y2K, VESL established itself in Tanzania in 1999 to take advantage of the Millennium Bug business opportunity. Since not much was achieved due to the lack of substantial IT infrastructure to address the Y2K the investment already made provided the founder of the company to build a software business as the campaign for Y2K had already generated market interest.

Hence, the company was formed in 2000 and registered with the Tanzania Investment Center in March 2000. From there, VESL started with 3 software developers where the company became an Oracle Partner to use the technology framework for building software and gradually building capacity in the software industry.

In the year 2003-2004, VESL had already acquired skills in Oracle space and had started to specialize in Oracle ERP implementations as a system integrator. Having developed this expertise and market, the company expanded its business over East and West Africa for more than a decade and is still present.


Since 2010, VESL has relocated its head office in Mauritius with the objective to take advantage of the fiscal incentives as well as the bilingual characteristic of the Mauritian IT resources targeting the French Speaking African countries. Since Mauritius has been one of the matured oracle market where key sectors such as Public sector, Financial services, Aviation & Shipping, Utilities, etc. , the company’s strategy towards these sectors aimed at making the optimization business into a niche market.

Having acquired such vast experience in implementation of Oracle Applications and technologies, VESL has been able to create a niche market with the Oracle ERP and technology customers driving the latter to optimize on their incurred investments. This approach has further driven the company to identify the gaps discovered across the existing ERP/technology customers providing us with new business opportunities to build solutions that will complement the identified gaps.


In order to realize its mission as market leader across Africa, the company has entered into agreements with key players in the business to complement VESL’s core business activities. This strategic decision aim at showcasing the business as a complete application and technology solution provider and this also adds a competitive edge to the market trend.

With such a strategy to increase our market share, VESL will have wider opportunities and partners across industries and emerging African markets.