The Fully integrated detention and Demurrage calculation software is designed to power shipping line operations in any country and any continent. The source of data from the bill of lading and manifest on the vessel are captured by the system integrating with international network of the country or port of berth for disembarkation operations etc. The details of the Bill of Lading such as container number, size, type, Vessel, Voyage, date of discharge, origin, consignee code etc are capture live and stored on a local server where the software built will process  the information for all departments of the Shipping line will start their respective operations as described below :

demurrage for financial departmentdemurrage marketing operations

All invoices, receipts deposit etc wherever applicable are automatically generated by the software. The software also produces all types of reports that all departments such as operations, marketing and finance will use to provide accurate services to their customers. The information will also enable the Shipping lines management operating in each country to establish customer loyalty as the industry face competition from several Shipping line operators and retaining customers is critical for their business. On the other hand the operation department will be able to manage space for container storage and track all damaged containers for repairs etc. The marketing department will sue the customer performance metric report to offer discount etc. the Finance department will be able to track all deposits on containers and manage the refunds efficiently and effectively. Customer statement is a good way to keep in touch with customers and these automatically generated by the software.