The Fleet and bus operation software developed by VESL have several modules integrated to cater for fleet management, bus management &inventory, operation management such as Fuel and trip , Route management, passenger ticketing ,  sales &fleet software management, cargo and parcel management and  warehouse management .This software is end to end  passenger transport management solution for   cross borders and long distance bus operations businesses.The software enables all transactions across the bus service operations to be automated. It has several modules as below

Bus Administration module

  1. All busses details for administration including all their respective registration details such as type year model etc.
  2. Insurance and years in service and legislative compliance details
  3. Maintenance scheduled as it helps in planning bus route allocation
  4. Inventory of all electronic and consumables of the bus for each route/ journey.
  5. Occurrence and incidents tracking logs

Tires and Tubes

  1. This modules covers all the history for tires and tubes and its distance covered
  2. The tracking of the tires and its rotation or exchanged within the fleet of buses are vital to track the life of the tires etc.
  3. The planning of tires replacement and planning is easily done via this module from date to date and year to year including any repairs conducted.

Warehouse Modules for cargo and parcel

  1. The above module plays an important part to track all cargo and identification of the same
  2. The warehouse module allows the space management and the entire life cycle from the pickup point to points of deliveries.
  3. The customers’ details of each cargo and the receivers are carefully monitored in the module to avoid fraudulent practices and maintain accurate identification management between consigners to consignee.

Booking and ticketing module

  1. The sales operations for both passenger tickets and cargo etc are automated and all tickets are issues electronically.
  2. This module can also handle advance bookings, cancellations and change of status and route etc.
  3. The seat allocations are done on this module so that passengers are aware of the status and next available trip.

Route planning module

  1. The route planning module automatically plans the bus and the bus numbers that will ply on the daily route and stations including all departure tome and expected arrival times.
  2. The route and stations modules cover all features of the passengers and cargo etc for each journey scheduled and its destinations both within a country and even if the bus are operating cross geographies and countries alike.
  3. Any incident or occurrence of on the said route of scheduled destination are tracked through in build GPS so that assistance or interventional required are done in real time.

Finance module

  1. The finance module records all sales and generate receipts for each trip through its booking and ticket issuing modules.
  2. The various methods of payments made by the customers and all petty cash expenses incurred during each trip is analyzed for each trip and journey to be able to account the route profitability.
  3. All fuel cost are tracked throughout the life cycle of the return trip for each scheduled trip
  4. The cash collections and audit train of the same are done automatically by the system so that at any period the reconciliation is done via each trip, station, bus wise etc.

The system has been developed on Oracle technologies and tools and has several features that entrails end to end of a passenger bus operation for long distance bus transport business. Integrated with GPS devices this system provides and effective management tool for business owners to service this industry in an efficient and profitable manner.