For years, VESL has embarked and evolved its business to align with the development of the Oracle Software Industry. It is vital to note that the changing patterns and the evolution of the Oracle Framework has constantly driven VESL to upgrade its business delivery model to stay at par with the market trend.

With such a dynamic approach, VESL has grown its business across several geographies and countries on the African Continent. It is worth noting that with the focus on the Oracle Framework, VESL has over the years developed not only solutions to address gaps within the customer business through the development of specific applications but also developing domain specific consulting expertise with regards to ERP applications. 

When VESL started in the year 2000, the shortage of skilled resources within the Oracle space had prompted the company to invest massively in capacity building in these areas to be able to service the industry. Comparatively, the business model today has evolved where the investment in capacity building is substantiated with large pool of resources readily available in the market. This provides VESL to embark on addressing not only skill gaps but also in optimizing on existing business opportunities related to the classical ERP dependencies in our service and product offerings.

erp implementation

Similarly, the emergence of several regulatory policies and mandates arising out of global economic challenges, the software industry is confronted with the challenge to develop appropriate solutions to meet these stringent impositions. This does however provide business opportunities for companies like VESL to further enhance business growth and also evolve with the market trend and move away from classical service offerings.

Enterprises across industries are fast looking to automate their business processes and achieve real time information. With constant global changes affecting business both at completion level and meeting obligatory mandates business are turning to strong implementation firms with strong expertise to  achive address the challenges. VESL has been focused on oracle Applications and technology for almost 17 years and the domain expertise has developed strong implementation capabilities towards addressing even the most complex Industry and the related business processes.