VESL’s Database Support, Monitoring and Resolution services helps you maximize the availability, performance, and security of your Oracle databases (10g or higher) with 24/7 remote database fault monitoring, accelerated response times, proactive database health checks, database security compliance reporting, remote patch deployment, and an easy-to-use service dashboard.

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We understand that disruptions in database availability can seriously impact your business. VESL’s Advanced Monitoring and Resolution - Advanced Database Support (VADS) is a platform independent, automated service framework that provides support for Oracle databases. With VADS, you gain enhanced support for database availability, reliability, and security compliance.

As part of the Advanced Database Support framework, Database Fault Management can help protect Oracle databases 24/7 through automated fault monitoring.

Upon fault detection, notifications will be sent to your designated contacts. A service request will be automatically initiated to Oracle Premier Support for resolution including proactively collected diagnostics. Oracle engineers reference a single, global knowledge base and support toolset to quickly diagnose issues and respond to you.dashboard report

Automated service request creation helps reduce administrative tasks and complexity for your IT resources during critical incidents, enabling your IT resources to focus on innovation and new projects rather than fault monitoring and incident management.

Proactive Database Health Checks provide automated health check reports that identify potential problems with your database configuration settings, security protections, and scalability attributes, allowing you to take timely action to prevent performance, security, and functional issues.

VESL’s Database Security Compliance Reporting compares your covered databases against Oracle security best practices for database configuration, directory and file permissions, and user access.

Real-time status reporting of potential database issues, security compliance issues and Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) help mitigate database risks and complications. By maintaining the database at current patch levels, you can further remove complexity from supporting your database environment.